Conscious Consumerism
Ethical consumerism
Corporate Responsibility
Voting With Your Wallet

No matter what you call it, people expect more when they shop and want to find and support businesses that share their values.

People are more passionate than ever about their values and causes, but haven’t figured out how to channel that energy for good and avoid working against their beliefs on a daily basis.  

Glia empowers people to shop their values.  They can build stronger connections with businesses in their area, encourage those businesses to spend their money responsibly and ensure they are supporting like-minded companies aligned with their beliefs.

We all want to channel our energy for good, supporting the causes we care the most about, while doing our best to avoid working against our beliefs. We each have our dealmakers and dealbreakers that cause us to go out of our way to shop at a certain business or never darken their doors again. 

Glia empowers people to do just that. Glia empowers people to shop their values. 

We understand that people are nuanced and aren't beholden to an entire partisan worldview. We embrace that gray area and give people the information they need to vote with their wallet based on the specific issues that are important to them.

Whether you're for Gun Rights or Gay Rights; Pro-Obamacare or Anti-Immigration; Looking to protect the Environment at all costs or believe that we should Drill Baby Drill. Glia is there with the answers. 
We've scoured the reams of data on companies to figure out where they fall on the hot button issues of the day, so you can shop confidently.

For too long, businesses have benefited from the vast amounts of data out there to the detriment of the people. Glia changes all that. We narrow the data divide and allow the people to turn the tables on businesses.