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Differentiating and growing a loyal customer base is more difficult and expensive than ever.  
Glia solves this problem.

  • People are increasingly passionate about their values, but need ways to channel that energy on a daily basis.
  • Businesses are looking for new customers, stronger relationships with existing customers and ways to stand out.
  • Glia is a real-time, location-based app that informs and connects.
  • Consumers build their values profile in a fun and interactive way.
  • Glia aggregates public data and businesses’ responses to our private proprietary survey.
  • Consumers make informed spending decisions, making every choice a statement.
  • Businesses capitalize on their values to increase profits.
  • Causes and charities get increased attention and financial support.

Glia is the revolutionary new mobile app that is changing the way people shop and businesses connect with customers. At Glia, we transform the everyday spending experience by making connections based on shared values. Developed with a focus on privacy, Glia is committed to ensuring the security of our data while providing a fun and seamless experience. With Glia, consumers and businesses build deeper connections, support the causes they share, and just do good.   

What is Glia?

Glia is the first-of-its-kind app that enables businesses and consumers to find each other based on their shared social, economic and political values. People can search ahead of time or get location-based alerts to easily find businesses that align with their values. Businesses have the amazing opportunity to differentiate themselves, find new customers and develop stronger connections with existing customers.

How does it work?

Glia has developed a proprietary algorithm that provides an individualized Glia Score between people and a business. The Glia Score points people to businesses that share their values, enabling them to make informed spending decisions and allowing businesses to increase their support of the values and causes they share.

How can i join?

We invite you to join Encinitas 101 and the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce in partnering with us to reach new customers and strengthen your connection to existing customers.  

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Thanks for signing up to be a Glia business partner!  You will receive an invitation to complete our Glia Business Values survey in the next few days.  Filling out this survey will help our Glia users to find yet another reason to become one of your customers!

Our goal is to bring you more like-minded customers and strengthen your bond with your current customers.

Just so you know, your security and privacy are our top priorities.  The information you share with us will not be sold or distributed to any outside parties.

Thanks again for signing up and joining us as we launch our test phase in Encinitas!

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